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Neustar presentation

The Grand Opening
of Neustar successfully
incorporated the design and
management of a large tent,
staging, lunch, dignitaries,
a ribbon ceremony
and great TV coverage.


Neustar audience
photo collage
photo collage
  Master of Ceremonies, headquartered in Louisville, Ky.,
is an award-winning event-marketing and production firm serving corporations worldwide.

   Since 1982, Master of Ceremonies has been serving its corporate clients with a relentless passion and mission. We are dedicated to this proposition:
   ...Our clients deserve the highest quality and most effective event-marketing programs their budgets allow.

   For each project we provide:
   ... insightful consultation and evaluation of client goals and needs; superior custom concepts, themes and graphics; negotiation of contracts with vendors; excellent research, development and communications; and finally, professional and image-enhancing execution of events.

   Our staff is highly experienced and we fully believe in the effectiveness and value of the special event as a strong marketing tool. We are committed to bringing that expertise and attitude to our clients.

   The substance of Master of Ceremonies, the team that makes this event-marketing firm what it is, are these creative, high-energy, customer-service driven professionals:

Shari Hirsch, National Event Producer, & CAD Specialist
Paul Hirsch, National Event Producer and Logistics
Jack Jeffries, Graphic Artist & Custom Fabricator
Lee Surbeck, Website and IT Specialist
Lila Mannes, Bookkeeper and Accounting Systems Manager

   Our firm was founded by president and CEO, Linda Surbeck, who is a Certified Special Event Professional, CSEP. In 1991, she wrote one of the first books on special events, Creating Special Events The Ultimate Guide to Producing Successful Events. The book is used globally throughout the industry and in the college classroom to teach special events.

technovision award photo

The 5 Ps of AWARDS CEREMONIES: Protocol, Presentation, the Prize, Professionally done with Precision timing!

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