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Case Study: A Year-long Celebration Increases ROI

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When our established event marketing client of several years, Semonin Realtors, reached their 90th anniversary, we were excited, and quick to advise them that it was “opportunity knocking!”

It was a time to celebrate their roots, plan for the future, and as savvy marketing people, they could build on their anniversary to impress their realtors, staff and customers..

Our Design Team kicked into high gear and created an anniversary overlay to their annual awards banquet that totally filled the realtors and staff with pride and loyalty.

Based on the historical information uncovered by our History Team, we prepared a very moving and inspirational chronicle of their history and the eras that most influenced the development of their company. This narration, presented by Semonin’s president, was enhanced with photos projected on a 12-foot screen at the back of the stage.

The Design Team’s branding of the anniversary year complemented the company logo. We had many opportunities to use it for the 90th Anniversary Celebration… for invitations, programs, printed napkins, signage, and as a striking backdrop for the stage.

The anniversary campaign continued throughout the year, allowing an enhanced ROI on the branding that was used on such things as advertisements, their website, and in-house motivational banners.

If you are excited and ready to get started on your corporate anniversary, call us at 502-426-3021, or email us.

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