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Case Study: The Data Vault Captures the Media

Data Vault quotation

The Data Vault scored big with media coverage of their 20th anniversary!

A respected business reporter of a major television station in their city, perceived merit in the story that our PR manager shared with him about this unique company, its concept, facility expansion and their 20th anniversary.

This prompted a visit to the storage facility, where the reporter and videographer captured the remarkable height, depth and breadth of this expansion.

Spurred on by his amazement, this reporter told an in-depth story of the Data Vault on television. The two-minute segment aired three times during prime news coverage.

The History Link can do this for your company as well. Although we never promise coverage, as that is not our decision to make, we do have excellent contacts and relationships with the media, and they know we will bring them interesting and credible stories. Call us at 502-426-3021 or email us.

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