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Partial List of Services

  • Celebrations
  • Ceremonies according to Protocol
  • Client Appreciation Guidance, Fulfillment
  • Employee Recognition Concepts, Assistance
  • Community Events

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Discover your founders! You'll be
surprised at what you will find.

Imagine the photos of YOUR corporate anniversary!

With the comprehensive services of The History Link, those pictures can be exactly what you want them to be.


Our promise to you is EXCELLENCE in strategies, concepts and services. Our goal in producing your event or event series is EXCELLENCE for each facet from start to finish to ongoing support for integration of materials with your marketing and PR programs. We like to say we specialize in client satisfaction.

The Process

First of all, we need to know as much as possible about your company, from its organization to future goals. We begin with our proven “history questionnaires” to direct an in-house company search for early photos, printed materials, artifacts, and potential candidates for interviews.


The Brand will be applied to invitations, booklets and more; it will be floated, touted, perhaps sung, seen on billboards or YouTube, and most of all, it will be remembered!

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Our unparalleled expertise in event design, management and production will deliver events that you and your guests will totally enjoy and long remember. Best of all, your corporate story will be visibly celebrated throughout each and every event.

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Community events and sponsorships create a broad awareness of your company and celebration. We will work with those you support or find new opportunities to “give-back.” These can be media magnets, if positioned properly.


Media coverage is significant to the ROI of your anniversary project. Our Media Team has had excellent results with media coverage based on our established relationships. We will represent you through press releases and further communications to get your story to your important audiences. See more about our Media and Dignitary services here.


Exploring and digging for the facts, plus organizing a timeline of your heritage, will produce the basic foundation of your commemoration. Your historical information and photographs may be integrated with those of the era to provide context.


We will organize your collection of historic elements into a central file. This will be invaluable as time passes and future generations continue to celebrate your company.


Our Design Team will listen carefully to your anniversary objectives and create a clever and meaningful anniversary message. Combined with dynamic graphic design, the result will be stand-out, memorable imagery.


We will design and produce all needed printed and digital collateral and materials, from PowerPoint slides, to designs for ad specialties and website announcements, to signs and banners.

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The discovery process cycles through research and development to creative design, before reaching a comfortable point where a proposal and budget can be prepared. Our job is to work within your budget, obtain the greatest value for your company, and ensure you get a return on your investment. If requested, we can recommend a budget figure.


Vision, imagination, people skills, passion, a strong sense of timing, hard work... these and many other things are needed for event management. We employ our management skills to produce the most innovative and effective anniversary marketing program possible, and it is important that we all have a pleasant experience, even fun, throughout the project.

Partial List of Services

  • Sponsorships - Full Service
  • Budget Management
  • Stage Productions
  • Script and Speech Writing
  • Dignitary Coordination
  • Media Communications
  • Commemorative Gifts
  • Photography
  • Graphic Design

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Information please:
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LEAVE THEM STANDING: Confederate monuments must remain at Gettysburg to help interpret the Civil War’s causes and consequences
This article will appear in the October 2020 issue of Civil War Times which will be on newsstands in mid-September. Get yours at Barnes and Noble, Walmart, and online at our company site:   isiting Gettysburg National Military Park should be unsettling. The site exists, after all, because of a breathtaking failure of the nation’s electoral …
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Hallowed Ground | Bushy Run Battlefield, Pennsylvania
Following Britain’s 1763 victory in the French and Indian War, Crown authorities earned the ire of tribes previously allied with the French by allowing settlers to occupy Indian lands in violation of treaty terms. Assuming the British intended to drive them out or destroy them, many called for action. The frontier exploded into Pontiac’s War, …
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