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Case Study: Real Estate Developer Recounts Its Landmarks

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NTS, a high-end residential and commercial real estate developer, wanted to take advantage of the marketing opportunity they saw in their 40th anniversary. Their marketing director agreed with The History Link that a book, a photographic historical depiction of their years in business, would give them the best ROI, as it would create awareness of their vast accomplishments and enhance their client’s loyalty. It could easily be mailed to customers, using their data base.

Our Creative Team immediately identified an effective graphic theme that would engage every recipient of the NTS 40th Anniversary book. Their CEO had a love for aviation; he was a pilot, and also the chairman of the Regional Airport Authority. Our background graphic was a pilot’s view of a beautiful sunset of oranges to purples. The top of each page had a puffy jet stream, and that area that would mark the decades.

The client had an abundance of photos from which to choose and had identified where they belonged on the timeline. The designers positioned these pictures along with photos of the same time period they had collected from various sources.

Our team has discovered that readers of such books and timelines will stay engaged longer and read our client’s history more thoroughly, if they can identify with surrounding pictures. An example would be adding a photo of the moon landing in 1969.

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