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Case Study: Roll Forming Corporation

RollForming quotation

The 50th Anniversary of Roll Forming Corporation was a major plateau for this international manufacturing company.

In addition to a wonderful celebration, they wanted their history recorded in a book. The History Team took on this project with excitement and confidence that this book would be all they imagined and more.

A retired, long-time employee had prepared the story. We researched additional information about their industry and the era relating to their 50 years in business.

We began the project armed with decades of interesting and authentic photographs.

The Design Team had created the anniversary branding earlier for use on various print materials such as event invitations, signage and more. This clever design included using a roll of steel, their “product”, as the “zero” in the number 50. The design concept for the hard cover of the book was this enlarged graphic in gold foil on black. It had a protective cover of thin onion skin to enhance its quality presentation. The use of this branding graphic for the book cover, instead of paying for a newly-created design, provided our client a greater ROI.

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