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Case Study: Marine Electric 100th Anniversary

Marine Electric quotation

The theme “100 Years of 5-Star Customer Service,” combined with a graphic that included their signature soldier imagery, was the very successful branding for the 100th Anniversary of Marine Electric, created by the Design Team of the History Link.

The strong visual and message were used during the entire year of commemoration, beginning with colorful stickers for outgoing mail and all print, such as business cards and their quarterly newsletter which were created and produced by Master of Ceremonies, the parent company of The History Link.

Of course, it was used on all celebration materials… the invitation, program, book, signage, imprinted gifts, and more. Painted on the side of their building, was the 60’ long statement of pride, and that same logo was seen across the state on their entire fleet of trucks!

At the onset, our Research Team found few existing archived materials in-house. So, by using our proven process of questionnaires and begging helpful retirees for info, plus digging through city and state archives, we amassed a wealth of fascinating data. This information is now a secured archive accessible to future generations ...reflecting light for the future.

Marine Electric had a fundamental role in the foundation of Louisville, Kentucky, their home of origin. This included their contributions to riverboat traffic and wharf lighting, and as time progressed, they served as electrical contractors for many of the states’ institutions, including Ford Motor Company, General Electric Company, the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville.

To wire some electricity into their timeline, the team dropped in a few other important names such as Ben Franklin and Thomas Edison!

This official basic timeline was used to produce several elements for their celebration. The first one, by their request, was a documentary video of their corporate heritage, plus their ongoing development and plans for a promising tomorrow. The catchy title for their video documentary was: “Kilowatts, Currents and Connections!”

The 100th Anniversary Celebration of Marine Electric was held at the historic Palace Theatre, a perfect setting to host their customers, dignitaries, friends and families. This beautifully restored theatre has a remarkable architecture and decor of yesterday, a fitting venue for a historic occasion.

A very clever and colorful graphic depiction of their historical timeline was created by the Design Team, to be used two-fold, increasing the ROI of that investment. First, it was printed on 32 feet of display boards strategically positioned in the theatre lobby- the cocktail area of the celebration. Second, in appreciation for attending, The History Link produced a colorful book of the timeline for guests to read and become more acquainted with Marine Electric’s history at their leisure.

Our media pros wrote and sent press releases to area media highlighting the anniversary celebration. Along with general coverage, Marine Electric captured a most coveted two-page news spread: The company president’s was featured in the local Business Journal newspaper! This made us all very happy.

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