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Case Study: Strothman & Company PSC 25th Anniversary

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The 25th Anniversary of Strothman & Company was celebrated with clients, employees and friends through an exciting Gala Event.

The anniversary "branding" was initially designed for announcing their 25 years in business. This branding was also applied to various print pieces, including their website, and continued to be used on their special silver event invitations, backdrops and other event signage.

The History Link believes that bringing your own special audiences to your facility, if possible, is always an excellent way to increase better understanding of your procedures and further build credibility. Strothman & Company did just that… with special tours and a cocktail event in their professional offices, complete with beautiful floral arrangements, professional signage and more.

At a determined time, the guests were accompanied to a formally decorated ballroom in the same building. There, the Anniversary Celebration came alive with fine dining and dancing to a live dance band.

Speeches from management and special guests rounded out the celebration, giving the attendees incredible background on the founding of the company. This appreciation and commemoration truly enhanced pride and loyalty within the clients, employees and friends of Strothman & Company PSC.

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