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Case Study: Fritz's Salon & Spa

Salon and Spa quotation

Fritz’s Salon & Spa needed support with their 10th Anniversary Commemoration. They wanted a fun, "come-see-us" style branding to create awareness and for various projects during several months of promotional campaigns. 

The History Link Design Team used the salon’s iconic triangular-faced man and placed a spectacular birthday cake with ten lighted candles on his head, as a hat. Needless to say, it drew attention! This unique graphic was used on the signage we created for Fritz’s to use in-house, plus on the windows, napkins, sales slips, coupons, etc.

In addition, our designers created two sculptures using elements of the branding, and placed them in large pots, with flowers at the base, for the entrance of the salon. These clever sculptures were warm and welcoming greeters to all of their customers and potential customers.

Fritz’s 10th Anniversary Celebration was a huge success, guaranteeing the 20th to happen before we know it! Whether you are looking toward a second or two-hundreth anniversary, call us at 502-426-3021 or email us.

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